Zach + Liz + Baby to Be

Missouri weather is a real piece of work. A few weeks ago, I laughed as I rolled up the blinds on a rainy morning and saw a swimming pool and sled sitting on my patio - both of which had been used in the same 4-day time frame. This unpredictability paired with the general dreariness of bare trees and gray skies means indoor shooting locations are in high demand in winter and lucky for me, the Botanical Garden is only 20 minutes away. 

I recently spent the morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden snapping some beautiful mamas-to-be. When I woke up that morning and let my dogs out, huge, beautiful flakes were falling from the sky. I immediately texted Liz, who had the first session slot, and told her we'd be shooting in the snow with my clear umbrella because guys... I've been dying to use that thing. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped that the snow would still be falling while we were shooting and look! For once, Missouri weather came through for me. 

Sigh... Magical. These lovely friends of mine had even brought some goodies from a local bakery, so life was pretty much perfect as I checked these shots on the back of my camera while sipping my steaming coffee in the snow.

But cameras and hot coffee only last so long in cold and wet conditions, so we headed inside to the Linnean House, where cacti and bananas happily grow despite the conditions outside. Small but beautiful, it's my favorite (indoor) spot at the Garden. The brick, the windows, and all the shades of green = love.

When we walked into the Linnean House, it was snowing. Twenty minutes later when we walked out, the snow had stopped and the sidewalks were already clear. Ah, Missouri. 
We headed to the Temperate House for a few more photos before stopping for the day. Before our session, Zach jokingly told me he didn't think I could get a good picture of him, but he played along anyway and we ended up getting a lot of great ones, so... I win this round, Zach! And I'll be getting another chance to prove him wrong very soon - their baby boy is due in 10 days and I'm so excited for their newborn session! 

To be continued... :)