The Babbling Blondes + EverEve

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of meeting Lindsay and Carley from The Babbling Blondes blog to shoot a few pictures of their spring outfit picks from EverEve. If you've never been in EverEve, I highly encourage a visit. The first time I went, I told my husband "I would wear everything in this store." He feigned a slight amount of enthusiasm for me and I headed to the dressing room where I discovered they even have snacks and toys to keep small shoppers occupied while you try on two or three (or forty) things! That is, if you're lucky enough to actually make it into the store after stopping at the mall playground and the food court to pacify your kids. I usually end up with about 3 remaining minutes for shopping before we have to head home for nap time. Mom life. 

Sunday ended up being a beautiful day and we had a great time roaming and shooting around Old Webster. The kind folks at The Clover & the Bee even let us stop in and snap a few. And when Lindsay and Carley left to do an outfit change in the car, (we've allll been there!) I even managed to resist all the delicious, sweet treats surrounding me. 

Truth:  I didn't have my wallet. I would have certainly succumbed to the sugar otherwise. 

The girls came back in sleeveless shirts and managed to keep smiling and laughing despite the cool temp. I felt bad being all cozy in my sweater, puffer vest, and sock cap, but they were total pros. No shivering or complaining! We had such a fun 45 minutes together and I think I discovered a new love for blog photography. So, if you know of any bloggers looking for a fun session, send them my way! I'll even bring my wallet along to treat them to something delicious.