This doll baby is almost 1!

Time. FLIES.


Back in 2017, I started working with Jenny, Seth, and their beautiful daughter Payton. She found me through a mutual friend, so a requirement upon booking was that I keep a secret - she was newly pregnant with her second baby.

Payton and I became quick friends during that first session together. We played chase, she pushed buttons on the camera, we blew bubbles and within 15 minutes she was sitting on my lap to check out how her pictures were coming along. Jenny and Seth didn’t know the gender of the baby at the time of our session but I was convinced all the blue was a sign. But in what seemed like only minutes, it was time for Baby Girl’s Fresh 48 session. Payton was totally smitten with baby Parker the moment they met. That delighted smile and the tiny hands exploring even tinier hands and feet - my heart melts into a puddle when I see sibling love like this.

Parker’s newborn session was a few days later. I love newborn sessions. Despite the sleepless nights, diaper changes, countless feedings, and extra laundry, new parents are brimming with this kind of baby glow. You can’t look at your newborn and not exude love and joy. I love it.

I also love wrapping up little baby burritos and giggling at how adorable they look.

4-month update: Payton was still smitten with Parker and covering her with kisses.


And Parker’s hair was changing!

With my recent move away from STL, scheduling regular sessions with this awesome family has been pretty complicated. But last week, I got to see my lovely girls again! Jenny has always the cutest ideas and clothes for her girls and Parker’s 1-Year session was no exception. Donuts, sprinkles, sparkles, tulle, and so much pink. As I boy mom, I live for sessions like these where I get to enjoy all things girly.

Happy One Year, sweet thing! I hope we get to continue doing this all the way through your senior photos.

(Which I’m sure will feel like 5 minutes from now.)