Lauren + Kyle

First, just let me say… this session? Best way ever to kick off a new year.

In January, you can usually find me huddled up under various layers of clothing and blankets, muttering about how much I hate winter. I’m not made for winter. I’m always, sometimes inexplicably cold as it is, let alone when it’s under 50 degrees outside. And the gray skies, barren trees, and cabin fever from days stuck inside can turn me into a real scrooge. But 2019 started off with a bang thanks to this super awesome couple.

Lauren and Kyle totally nailed their engagement session because their happiness runs deeps and it is SO infectious. We had such a great time together, even with all the (literal) running we did to chase that beautiful golden hour light and squeeze in several spots around downtown Cape, where they first met. We were originally scheduled for January 2nd - a day that turned out to be super cold and dreary. So we postponed, hoping for an accurate forecast that predicted an unseasonably warm and sunny day a few days later. Mother Nature totally delivered.

Just when I was thinking it couldn’t get better, sunset came. I have never seen the Mississippi River look so incredible. The painted sky reflecting on the water was the stuff of dreams.

Aren’t they just gloriously in love?! I feel like it radiates off of them and it has me SO EXCITED for their wedding in October. Here’s to a 2019 full of more amazing, fun couples and beautiful sunsets!


We had so much fun running around during this session that I lost my phone. I was a little mortified when I had to walk back over to Lauren and Kyle after saying our goodbyes to ask to use a phone to track mine. And while I looked for it on Lauren’s phone, Kyle took off walking to retrace our steps in hopes of finding it for me. So when I say these guys are awesome, I MEAN IT.


I found it. Some guy watched it fall out of my pocket from a distance and took it to the Verizon store, totally boosting my confidence in humanity and basically saving my life. Thank you, dear stranger!!!