Baby Erik

I won't lie - when my friend Jules told me she was expecting her second baby, one of the first things I thought (second only to "Congratulations!!!" of course) was "ooooohhhh I can't wait to get that baby in front of my camera!" It was a long 8 months, guys. But a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of documenting Jules' sweet family when Erik was almost two weeks old.  


I started with their oldest, Adeline, who has lots of personality and the cutest platinum hair. She has adapted to her big sister promotion quite easily and is even helping out, despite being only 2 1/2. One of my favorites from the whole session is this one:


She gasped when she heard Erik crying in the next room and declared that he was awake. And that was the end of our time together. A truly responsible big sister, she had to find her crying baby. 

Once we got Erik swaddled and cozy, I set up shop in some nice window light and started shooting. Between the bright sunlight and the talking (he's a people person!), Erik wasn't going to go to sleep for me. But I did manage to catch an adorable yawn.


Being the star of a photo shoot is hard, tiring work. 

Not long after, when he snuggled up in mama's arms, he gave in and slept through the entire next hour of the session, where we focused on the lifestyle shots. Posed newborn shots are beautiful and they have their place, but my favorites are the lifestyle images. The expressions and interactions are natural because they capture the family in their own home where they are comfortable and relaxed. It's good for them, good for baby, and obviously good for me. Once in a while, I smile my way through an entire edit because the love in their images is contagious. This was one of those times. 

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